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AFL launches investigation into ‘inappropriate touching’ by Jordan De Goey of Collingwood teammate


The AFL will investigate a bizarre pre-match incident involving one of Collingwood’s biggest stars moments before the team ran onto the field.

Officials will review footage of a team huddle in the Magpies dressing room which captured Jordan De Goey patting the rear of teammate Isaac Quaynor several times while standing behind him.

De Goey was also captured using his left middle finger to squeeze Quaynor’s bottom as Magpies coach Nathan Buckley laid down the law.

The awkward encounter captured by Fox Sports occurred moments before Collingwood ran onto the SCG for their clash against the Sydney Swans on Saturday. 

The AFL will review the vision on Monday, despite the club’s denials that De Goey’s actions were inappropriate.

‘We believe appropriate change room behaviour is important,’ the club told foxfooty.com.au.

‘In this instance, neither the players nor the club believe inappropriate behaviour has occurred.’

De Goey’s dressing room antics have come under heavy fire from AFL greats. 

‘It was silly and the players I think know there are cameras in the room so it would get highlighted throughout the week,’ former Hawthorn Hawks premiership star turned commentator Jordan Lewis told Fox Footy’s Saturday Stretch.

‘But it’s just another lesson players are being watched and need to behave appropriately.

More AFL legends weighed into the debate on Sunday. 

‘That’s not appropriate. If you want to say it’s just boys being boys, it leads to a point where you’re having to dance around and get away from players,’ Essendon great Matthew Lloyd said on the Sunday Footy Show.

‘I never witnessed it in my time so I’m not sure why it’s in the game.’

AFL officials will review vision of Jordan De Goey touching the bottom of a Collingwood teammate (circled) in the dressing shed before their match against Sydney

Former Port Adelaide champion Kane Cornes agreed.

‘You’ve got a coach speaking to you, your season is on the line, your coach is coaching for his coaching life and you’ve got a player distracting a young player who’s trying to listen to the coach, that’s more the issue for me,’ he said.

‘What are they doing mucking around in that moment right there?’

But some AFL fans have leapt to De Goey’s defence.

‘Is this Jordan De Goey stuff for real? Far cough, what a joke. A little pat on the bum for a teammate? If this is now not acceptable, we’re in trouble aren’t we,’ one fan tweeted.

Another added: ‘Sweet Jesus a bit of banter between the boys and the PC police are all riled up.’

Collingwood have slumped to 16th on the table after a 30 point loss against the in-form Swans on Saturday.

The Magpies booted the first three goals of the match but could only score another two after the first quarter.

Jordan De Goey in action for the Magpies during their 30 point loss against the Sydney Swans at the SCG on Saturday

Jordan De Goey in action for the Magpies during their 30 point loss against the Sydney Swans at the SCG on Saturday

The latest dressing room incident comes after two Richmond Tigers players were captured repeatedly groping their teammate while singing the team song after two wins last August.

The post-match footage shows Tigers’ defenders Nick Vlaustin and Jayden Short groping South Sudanese-born forward Mabior Chol after two separate games.  

Vlastuin and Short later apologised to Chol.

‘It was a stupid action and I am deeply embarrassed. I’ve apologised to Mabior,’ Vlastuin said.

‘It was unacceptable behaviour and a poor example,’ Short added. 

Jordan De Goey (pictured in action) has come under heavy fire from AFL greats over his pre-match dressing room antics

Jordan De Goey (pictured in action) has come under heavy fire from AFL greats over his pre-match dressing room antics

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan condemned the pair’s behaviour at the time. 

‘We condemn the behaviour and need to learn from what happened and ensure that everyone across the AFL understands that we must have working environments that are free from any form of inappropriate conduct or sexual harassment,’ McLachlan said in a statement last August.

‘Where we fall below the standards expected of us, we need to acknowledge that and take the appropriate steps to learn and improve.’

‘This is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to change.’

Collingwood has denied that Jordan De Goey's actions (pictured) were inappropriate

Collingwood has denied that Jordan De Goey’s actions (pictured) were inappropriate


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