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ALP national conference 2021: Labor finalises energy platform for next election – live


Electric vehicle policy announced as as power brokers hash out amendments intended to strengthen support for new gas projects. Follow live updates

3.09am BST

The Labor conference is on break.- it is all but done.

There is a little bit more to go, on ‘developing our people’ but all the main issues have been worked out.

3.06am BST

Mark McGowan, currently the most popular Labor figure in the country, has delivered a ‘why we need to win’ speech via video to the Labor conference.

Labor is hoping some of McGowan’s popularity will rub off on Anthony Albanese and th federal team, when it comes down to it at the next election. That is usually not the way of things – people can vote for Labor state governments, but federally vote for the Coalition in the same area and do – but given some of the big losses in WA, both from a state perspective, and the losses of big names federally, there is hope for gains in the West.

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