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Belmont Shopping centre security guard in Perth charged with assault for allegedly bashing customer


Horrific moment shopping centre security guard ‘pulls an Uber driver into a hallway at Big W and brutally bashes him after a row over a returned item’

  • A security guard was filmed in a heavy handed dispute with a customer
  • CCTV footage shows the altercation at Belmont Shopping Centre in Perth
  • The alleged assault was so brutal the victim’s front teeth were knocked out
  • The 21-year-old guard was sacked and charged with assault over the incident  

A security guard was sacked and could face jail time after allegedly assaulting a customer inside a shopping centre.

The 21-year-old man is accused of brutality knocking out his alleged victim’s front teeth during a dispute over a returned item at Belmont Shopping Centre in Perth.

CCTV footage shows the guard haul the man out of Big W and into a hallway where he is beaten and kicked. 

The alleged victim was 31-year-old Uber driver Surender Singh.

He said it began after a dispute with a staff member inside the store over a return.

Security footage shows Mr Singh struggle and fight against the guards as they haul him out of the store. 

But after being dragged out of sight of other customers he said he began to fear for his life.  

‘They are going to kill me, that is all I was thinking, they are definitely going to kill me,’ Mr Singh told 7 News. 

CCTV footage shows the guards haul the man out of Big W and into a hallway out back where he is beaten and kicked

The 31-year-old Uber driver said he watched the guards turn off their body cameras before one man began laying into him.

Footage shows the other guards restrain Mr Singh, eventually holding back the guard as he continues lashing out. 

A heroic bystander managed to intervene when she came about the group inside a car park. 

‘She was pushing them back for me and she said “no, you can’t do that to him, he’s almost dead”,’ Singh said.

Shine Lawyers Perth Legal Practice Manager Kenneth Rukunga said the company responsible for the guard, MCS Security should be held accountable. 

In the tussle Surender Singh's front teeth were knocked out (pictured)

In the tussle Surender Singh’s front teeth were knocked out (pictured)

‘Security companies must be held liable for the actions of their security guards,’ told 7NEWS.

Civil proceedings have been lodged against the company over the incident. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted MCS Security and Western Australia Police for comment. 



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