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Bryn Hargreaves: Wigan Warriors and brother confirm death of former Rugby League player who went missing in US | UK News


The death of former Rugby League player Bryn Hargreaves, who went missing in America over a year ago, has been confirmed by his family and the club Wigan Warriors.

Mr Hargreaves was reported missing by his employer in January 2022 after he failed to arrive for work and a major search by police and tracker dogs began in West Virginia.

His mother Maria and younger brother David, 34, went to America to help in the search for him but nothing was found.

In June the family launched a Gofundme page to help pay for a private investigator but there has been no trace of Mr Hargreaves.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Mr Hargreaves’ older brother Gareth wrote: “RIP Bryn Hargreaves. With incredible sadness I can confirm after 14 months we have finally found Bryn.

“We still do not know the cause of death or what actually happened on 3/1/22. Thanks to all those that have helped in the search. We would appreciate a little space and will keep you updated when we have any further information.”

A Gofundme page was launched last year

And Mr Hargreaves’s former club tweeted: “Wigan Warriors are saddened to learn of the passing of former player, Bryn Hargreaves. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.”

The former athlete, who also played in Super League for St Helens and Bradford before moving to the US to work in the oil and gas industry 10 years ago, vanished without a trace from his apartment on 3 January 2022.

Speaking to the PA agency in June 2022, Gareth Hargreaves said: “Bryn had mental health issues and was in severe pain with his back from a car accident in December.

“He’d also been away from his family at Christmas.

“The most likely scenarios were that he decided to harm himself or had decided to disappear for a bit and come back.

“But five months on, those two possibilities look less likely because you’ve got to think a body would turn up.”

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He added: “We had his bank account investigated by the police which showed there’s no withdrawals and his wallet and his ID and passport are all still in his apartment so he had no means of access to his cash and no ID to travel.

“So you start to think of the other possibility, that he didn’t plan to go missing and that someone has had some input, through abduction or something along those lines.

“You start to think of all the weird things at the time which start to add up. When the police went around to his apartment, the door was closed but unlocked and the shower was still on.

“And on the night of his disappearance he had ordered a couple of bottles of gin from a mail order firm to be delivered in the next day or two.”

It is not yet known how Mr Hargreaves died or where his body was found.

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