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Coronavirus Australia live: Melbourne on alert after mystery Covid case in aged care | Australia news


Well, it is now. I think there has been a degree of complacency, not just by the government, but perhaps amongst Australians – if there is no outbreak of COVID then the urge to get the vaccine doesn’t seem as great.

We have seen people in Melbourne who are switched on to these matters, the vaccination rates have increased and the queues have got longer because now there is an outbreak.

I would suggest to my fellow Australians, once there is an outbreak queuing up to get the vaccination seems to be too slow, to me.

Perhaps we need to get up from our kitchen tables and lounge chairs and I would say to people in states and towns which haven’t had to go through the lockdown that my hometown of Melbourne is going through, don’t wait until the lockdown to get vaccinated. Simple common sense says if there is COVID anywhere it could affect any of us at any time.


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