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Covid Australia update: Perth joins Sydney and Darwin in lockdown as AstraZeneca offered to under 60s | Australia news


Genuinely, this is a very difficult balance. In a pandemic, we need leaders and public health experts confident enough to change their minds when the facts change.

But while flexibility and dexterity is absolutely desirable, coherence is also important. Communication needs to be simple and clear. If people are to maintain confidence in the public health instructions formulated by experts and articulated by political leaders, Australians need to be assured that the high level deliberations shaping their lives are methodical rather than panicked.

When I look at Australia from the US, I see an insular nation that has turned its back on its ownJason WilsonRead more

On 8 April Scott Morrison told Australians he had accepted expert advice that Pfizer be the preferred vaccine for under-50s and AstraZeneca the preferred Covid inoculation for Australians over 50. That announcement followed accumulating evidence that the AstraZeneca jab was associated with extremely rare but potentially deadly blood clots.

You can read the full analysis below:

Extinct native mouse found on WA islands

The spread of the more infectious Delta variant of Covid-19 throughout Australia can be contained with a combination of strong adherence to public health guidelines and good luck, infectious diseases and virology experts say.

On Monday the number of locally acquired cases in New South Wales grew to 130, with 124 of those linked to the Bondi cluster. In Queensland, premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the next 48 hours would prove crucial, as the number of local cases grew to 10. The Northern Territory health minister, Natasha Fyles, said authorities expected more cases, with the total there at six, while two cases have emerged in Western Australia since Sunday.

“A virus in the wild in winter is a hard one to get a handle on,” said Kirby Institute virologist at the University of NSW Stuart Turville.

Not only do people tend to congregate indoors together in colder months, giving the virus more chance to spread and survive, he said, but data was revealing additional challenges associated with Delta.

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