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‘Entitled’ Porsche driver fails to give way, causes man to fall off his motorbike in WA


Shocking moment an ‘entitled’ Porsche driver pulls out in front of traffic and sends a motorbike rider flying into the road – before just driving off

  • Incident was captured and then uploaded to YouTube page Bad Driving Australia
  • A motorbike rider was fortunate not to cleaned up by a luxury Porsche 4WD
  • Incredibly, occupant in the Porsche then speeds off after causing near prang

An ‘entitled’ Porsche driver has been caught on camera performing a U-turn into oncoming traffic, before narrowly avoiding a collision with a motorbike rider.

The vision, taken in Subiaco, Western Australia, shows the luxury 4WD Porsche pulling out of a parking space on a busy main street before turning to the right – straight in front of traffic. 

The clip shows the motorbike rider in the right lane stop at a pedestrian crossing before then cautiously proceeding forward.

The motorbike rider (pictured right) was forced to take evasive action after the driving of the 4WD (partially obscured) in Western Australia

The rider (pictured) soon found himself off his vehicle due to the questionable driving of the Porsche occupant

The rider (pictured) soon found himself off his vehicle due to the questionable driving of the Porsche occupant

The rider was stopped in his tracks instantly when the 4WD failed to give way, then illegally crossed multiple lanes – almost causing a serious accident.

Forced to take evasive action, the rider can then be seen falling off his motorbike on the busy street, fortunate to avoid a prang.

The Porsche driver seemed uninterested in the incident and proceeded to drive off. 

According to the rider, he was lucky not to be ‘flattened.’

‘The Porsche performed a U-turn across two lanes of (incoming) traffic as I was getting ready to merge in front of the silver car,’ he fumed on the popular YouTube page, Bad Driving Australia.

‘He was kind enough to give me a sorry wave before driving off.’ 

It didn’t take long for people to comment on the video, with one person stating the Porsche driver was ‘one of those special breeds that thinks the road belongs to them.’

A second couldn’t believe the occupant of the luxury 4WD failed to stop and see if the rider was injured, stating it was ‘very rude.’



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