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Exclusive Notting Hill restaurant slammed over plan to serve alcohol outside until 10pm


A flashy restaurant – favoured by Royals and celebrities such as Ed Sheeran – has come under fire after it announced plans to serve customers outside until 10pm.

Gold Notting Hill is owned by Nick House, who also operates the high-end club Mahiki which has been a favourite haunt of Prince Harry, Prince William and wife Kate.

The upmarket eatery describes itself as ‘informal and honest, with a humble menu focussed on generous, seasonal plates’.

It is popular among princesses Eugenie and Beatrice with the Shape Of You hitmaker Sheeran rumoured to be an investor.

Models regularly pose for snaps on social media at the restaurant, with its brash golden mural making it stand out on trendy Portobello Road, west London.

However nightlife mogul Mr House has enraged neighbours with plans to serve customers alcohol in its outside seating area up to 10pm.

Gold, an exclusive restaurant in Notting Hill, London, is under fire from neighbours after its owner applied to the council to extend the operating hours of its alcohol licence to 10pm

As part of the application, a statement said that the owners and operators of Gold were 'mindful' it was located in a residential area. Pictured: Restaurant owner Nick House

As part of the application, a statement said that the owners and operators of Gold were ‘mindful’ it was located in a residential area. Pictured: Restaurant owner Nick House

He has also applied for permission to serve customers takeaway drinks until 10pm and allow customers to sit on the third-floor terrace until 9pm.

Furious politicians and residents have claimed that anti-social behaviour from the celebrity hangout has been a blight on their lives.

Local councillor Ian Henderson revealed that a neighbour has been ‘hounded out’ by noise and disturbance from the eatery.

In an official objection to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, he said: ‘We have had many issues with noise and the neighbouring property which has been so bad that the neighbouring property has informed us she is moving out.

‘Businesses should not be run so as to ‘hound out’ long term residents.’

He also blasted the conduct of customers, revving their car engines and blaring out loud music.

The restaurant in Portobello Road is a popular spot for stars like Ed Sheeran and Sienna Miller

The restaurant in Portobello Road is a popular spot for stars like Ed Sheeran and Sienna Miller

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie attend the V&A summer party at The V&A on June 21, 2017 in London

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie The Animal Ball Art Show, London

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie (left) have been spotted at the restaurant in London

Councillor Henderson raged: ‘We have had a number of complaints from residents about noise and general nuisance originating from the Gold.

‘Frequently voiced criticisms include loud departure of guests and their cars, dallying cars playing loud music with open windows/open tops next to outside patrons, patrons shouting from the street to others outside and inside through open windows.

‘Careless disposal of takeaway containers and cigarette butts are an additional irritant.’

A dozen local residents blasted the application, saying the noise and disturbance would affect them badly.

Resident Marion Gettleson fumed: ‘As a nearby resident, I’m repeatedly made aware that the Gold renders the lives of its close neighbours a misery.’

Neighbour Ian Butchoff raged: ‘I live four doors from the Gold and was already suffering from the noise and nuisance of the current trading hours.

Lottie Moss attends the BEC + BRIDGE Resort 20 Collection launch at Gold Notting Hill on September 11, 2019

Millie Mackintosh attends the PAIGE fashion dinner hosted by founder & creative director Paige Adams-Geller at Gold Notting Hill on June 27, 2019

Pictured: Other famous faces who have attended events at the restaurant include Lottie Moss (left), model and sister to Kate Moss, as well as Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh (right)

‘To extend these will only make it worse.

‘Also I’m strongly opposed to the use of the third floor terrace as it looks directly down to my roof terrace and will affect my privacy and quiet use of the said terrace.’

Some of the congregation of nearby St Peter’s Church have also objected.

Warden Susannah Steel wrote: ‘As a church, we also need to ensure that any events in the Christian calendar requiring times of contemplation and meditative silence and reflection can be enabled.

‘The possibility of heightened noise levels from the Gold plant and its guests, as well as strong odours and vibrations, are extremely worrying for us.’

Former I'm a Celeb star and Saturdays singer Vanessa White pictured at Gold in 2019

Former I’m a Celeb star and Saturdays singer Vanessa White pictured at Gold in 2019

Gold’s proposal does have some backing from celebrity neighbours such as Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, who said ‘I think it would be great to the area’.

More than 20 other locals supported the extended opening hours – saying the rooftop terrace would be great for the area.

In a statement to the Royal Borough, the restaurant said: ‘The owners and operators of Gold appreciate that the business is located in a residential area and, as such, need to bear in mind and mitigate the potential for disturbance to neighbours.

‘Notices will be provided at the exit reminding customers that this is a residential area and asking them to leave quietly.

‘We will monitor the number of customers smoking outside and ensure that they cause no noise issues.

‘The outside area will be swept regularly to ensure there is no litter.

‘Where customers are permitted to smoke immediately outside the premises, smoking bins/ ashtrays/receptacles shall be provided.

‘Steps shall be taken to prevent patrons or potential patrons from congregating on the highway outside the premises or from causing noise and nuisance to residents living in the vicinity of the premises.’

The RBKC licensing committee will rule on the decision this week.

The restaurant is located in swanky Portobello Road, West London, close to David Beckham and Guy Ritchie’s pub the Walmer Castle.

Entrepreneur Nick House, a founder of Noughties ‘It clubs’ such as Mahiki and Whisky Mist, launched Gold in 2019 after purchasing the pub with a group of local investors to prevent a chain from taking it over.

Ed Sheeran has a restaurant Bertie Blossoms close by as well, and there have been reports he has also been an investor in Gold.

Actor Donna Air recently appeared in snaps at the eatery, as well as Made In Chelsea star Amelia Mist and model Bernicia Boateng.

The celebrity hangout – which sees Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice as patrons – is the latest venture by hospitality mogul Nick House.

His exclusive nightclub Mahiki, in Mayfair, was favoured by Princes William and Harry.


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