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Female neighbour, 46, arrested after Peter McCarthy was found dead in his South Coogee home


Twist as a 46-year-old women is arrested over the murder of her retired neighbour, 77, after he was found bashed to death in a ‘violent and brutal’ assault days before Christmas 

A female neighbour of an elderly man killed in a violent assault and robbery has been arrested by homicide detectives in Sydney.

Peter McCarthy, 77, was found dead in his South Coogee home on December 20 after suffering severe head and facial injuries.

Police suggested at the time Mr McCarthy may have been the victim of a violent robbery inside the Elphinstone Road unit.

Detectives returned to the same street on Monday to arrest a woman, aged 46.

She was taken to Maroubra police station where she’s expected to be charged over the homicide. The precise charges are yet to be made clear, a police spokeswoman told AAP.

The unit in which the 46-year-old woman was arrested was also searched by police.

Homicide Squad Commander Danny Doherty is expected to address media later on Monday.

In December, Detective Superintendent Doherty said the post-mortem examination and crime scene suggested Mr McCarthy was the victim of a ‘violent and brutal’ assault and robbery.



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