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Hawaii wildfires: At least 89 killed – as governor warns there will be more fatalities | US News


At least 89 people have been confirmed dead after wildfires in Hawaii – with the state’s governor warning the figure will rise.

It makes the disaster the deadliest wildfire the US has seen in the past century, surpassing the 85 who died in California’s Camp Fire in 2018.

Governor Josh Green told reporters it had been “an impossible day” but that fire crews and police had been “extraordinary”.

The new death toll comes as workers use axes and dogs to search through charred remains of properties on Lahaina, on the island of Maui.

Ruined homes are being marked with an orange X for an initial search and HR if human remains have been found.

Police are urging people with missing family to give DNA samples to help authorities identify victims.

Lahaina was worst hit and now resembles a war zone with more than a thousand buildings burned to the ground.

Survivors have spoken about how quick the blaze spread and said emergency sirens failed to give any warning when the fire started on Tuesday.

Some were forced to jump in the sea as cars exploded around them and escape routes were blocked.


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