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‘I don’t think we’re too far away from justice’: Harry Dunn’s parents optimistic about US civil case | US News


The mother of Harry Dunn has said she thinks the family is not “too far away from getting our justice”.

Charlotte Charles was speaking after giving legal testimony on Thursday as part of a damages claim against Harry‘s alleged killer.

She and Harry’s father Tim Dunn both took part in the depositions, having travelled to the US earlier this week.

Harry Dunn was killed while riding his motorbike near RAF Croughton

Harry, 19, died in Northamptonshire in August 2019 after his motorbike was hit by a car that had been on the wrong side of the road, driven by American Anne Sacoolas.

Sacoolas left the UK after diplomatic immunity was asserted on her behalf, and has refused to return since.

Ms Charles said the depositions experience was “pretty gruelling” and “heartbreaking” – but that it “was a legal obligation we had to fulfil”.

She told Sky News: “It’s extremely difficult, it’s exhausting.

“You have to dig deep every single time we’re asked to do something, every single time we put ourselves out there to keep striving towards getting justice for our boy.

“The determination never wavers, the promise I made will never be forgotten, but it’s very hard.”

Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, parents of Harry Dunn
Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, parents of Harry Dunn

She recalled being told by police in the UK that there was less than a 1% chance of Sacoolas facing a charge over Harry’s death.

“That has absolutely changed,” she said when asked if the odds were more on the family’s side now.

“We made a decision as soon as we were told by Northamptonshire Police that we had less than 1% chance of getting a charge, we made a decision that day that that was absolutely not acceptable.

“Our boy was far more important than just being swept under the carpet.

“I don’t think we’re too far away now from getting our justice.”

Anne Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and left for the US
Anne Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and left for the US

Mr Dunn said he hoped the testimony given would show Sacoolas and her lawyers “why we’ve carried on – to show them how much our son meant to us”.

“It felt like I could tell my side of Harry and put across how much he meant to us…so hopefully they can understand our pain and loss and the devastation we’ve suffered over the past 22 months as we’ve waited to get this far.”

Sacoolas, 43, was charged with causing Harry’s death by dangerous driving – but the US State Department rejected the UK’s extradition request in January last year.

She will have to give testimony by the end of August as part of the civil claim, however.


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