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Israel Strikes Gaza Tower Housing A.P. and Other News Media


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Israel Strikes Gaza Tower Housing A.P. and Other News Media

An Israeli airstrike destroyed a prominent building in Gaza City on Saturday that housed media outlets, including The Associated Press and Al Jazeera. The Israel Defense Forces said it gave an advanced warning for civilians to evacuate.

We are shocked and horrified that the Israelis would target the building that housed A.P.‘s bureau in Gaza. They long knew that A.P.‘s bureau was there, and they targeted it. Now, fortunately, we had a warning, and we were able to get our journalists out. We narrowly escaped a huge loss of life. We had 12 journalists in that building. And those brave journalists not only got out, but they were able to salvage much of our equipment because it’s important that we continue to tell this story. You see, that building provided the best vantage point for the world to see the events in Gaza, and now that building is destroyed. And we will work hard to continue to tell the world the important events of Gaza, and we will keep our journalists safe. We need to learn more about why this building was targeted. We’ve been in touch with the Israeli government. We’ve heard their statement. We need to know more. We’ve engaged with the U.S. State Department to try to learn all we can and make sure that this never happens again. But these are early hours. We were very thankful that we did not have a loss of life, but these were very disturbing developments.

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