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‘Joints for Jabs’: Washington state OKs free weed for those who get Covid vaccine


A Covid-19 jab can get you free doughnuts, free alcohol, and now free weed. Washington state on Tuesday approved free weed for those who get vaccinated against Covid-19.
The “Joints for Jabs” program will allow licensed marijuana stores to give away a single pre-rolled joint to anyone over the age of 21 who gets a dose at an on-site vaccination clinic by July 12.
The state also permits wineries, restaurants and breweries to offer free drinks to those who’ve got jabbed. Free sports tickets and prize money of up to $1 million are also other incentives to encourage Americans to get themselves vaccinated.
Additionally, Anheuser-Busch — the brewery which produces Budweiser — announced that the US’ next round of beer would be on them if the country achieves the 70 per cent target.
These incentives come as a part of the Biden administration’s “Month of Action”, which hopes to mobalise the United States‘ sprint to get 70 per cent of adults at least one shot by July 4.
Over the weekend, Washington state became the 13th state to reach the milestone of 70 per cent of adults to get one shot. Governor Jay Inslee intends to lift pandemic restrictions by the end of the month.


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