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Louis Tomlinson ‘devastated’ as hail cancels Colorado concert | Ents & Arts News


Louis Tomlinson fans were pelted by huge hailstones at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado as they waited for the star to come on stage on Wednesday night.

Tomlinson says he was “devastated” and sent concertgoers “love” as around 100 fans were left injured by the freak weather.

Seven people were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and 90 had to be treated by first responders after the weather event.

First responders, who waited outside the amphitheatre, confirm that some fans were treated for broken hands and fingers, alongside other injuries.

A fan posted on Twitter describing it as “the scariest night of my life”.

“It started pelting people with hail at Red Rocks and my sister and I luckily found shelter under a sign,” a fan tweeted. “I am bleeding and have huge bumps on my head from the hail. Hoping everyone made it out safely.”

Several fans were also left without transportation due to damage to their cars.

Louis Tomlinson performs at the 2019 KIIS-FM Jingle Ball (AP)

Some fans described the hail as the size of “golf balls” and inches of it were seen covering the floor of the outdoor venue.

The show, featuring the One Direction member, had been delayed after 8pm and concert-goers were asked to take shelter.

The all-clear was given at 8.35pm but another delay occurred at around 9.15pm.

The venue then tweeted at 10.25pm that the event was officially postponed and urged fans to be safe leaving the amphitheatre.

Tomlinson’s team also tweeted to confirm the event’s cancellation, stating that “all ticket holders will be updated in due course”.


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