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Man arrested after woman thrown on to New York subway tracks | US News


Police have arrested a man suspected of pushing a woman on to tracks on New York’s subway.

Theodore Ellis, 30, is believed to be the one filmed shoving her over the platform edge at Jackson Avenue station on Sunday.

Bystanders reportedly helped her out of harm’s way before a train came, but she was left with a broken collarbone and cuts.

Ellis was arrested on Tuesday after a subway worker recognised him from a wanted poster and alerted the police, the New York Post reported.

He has been detained on charges of assault and reckless endangerment.

The video shows an apparently unprovoked attack in which the man comes behind his victim, grabs her around the torso and flings her violently over the edge.

A $3,500 reward had been on offer for information leading to the attacker’s arrest.

Serious crime on the city’s subway appears to be rising: there were 743 felonies on the network by the end of April, compared with 452 for the same period the year before.

New York’s mayor and its governor, Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul, earlier this year said they would increase patrols and expand mental health outreach after an unusual number of people were pushed on to tracks.

At least 10 passengers were also shot in a subway carriage in Brooklyn in April.


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