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Man cuts off his own leg in a horror accident with a lawnmower 


Man cuts off his OWN leg in a horror accident with a lawnmower

  • Man, 56, accidentally amputated his own leg in horror lawnmowing accident
  • Incident was at Wilberforce, in rural NSW, on Monday afternoon around 4.25pm
  • Man was airlifted to Westmead Hospital, where is said to be in a stable condition

A man has cut off his leg following a horror accident on a rural property in New South Wales

The 56-year-old was in a ‘highly distressed’ state, after using the industrial lawnmower with a tractor at Wilberforce on Monday afternoon just before 4.30pm.

A freak accident saw the man cut off his lower leg at the remote location, 40km north-west of Sydney, on the Hawkesbury River.

NSW Ambulance urgently called CareFlight’s Rapid Response Helicopter, who arrived at the scene just after 4.45pm.

The scene in Wilberforce, in rural NSW, where a man severed his leg while using an industrial lawnmower (pictured above) on Monday afternoon

NSW Ambulance paramedics, a CareFlight specialist doctor and a NSW Ambulance critical care paramedic all combined to perform a clinical assessment on the injured man.

The crews then used an ultrasound and provided additional treatment for the wound, according to news.com.au.

The patient was then intubated before he was placed in an induced coma in an attempt to stabilise his condition. 

A spokesperson for CareFlight said the induced coma was ‘necessary’ because the patient was highly distressed. 

The man was then airlifted to Westmead Hospital where he is in a stable condition.

In late June last year, an arborist amputated his leg while cutting down a tree – also in Wilberforce.

The man, 51, was working when a rope wrapped by his leg got caught in a nearby woodchipper.

The machine pulled the rope taut, severing his leg beneath the knee.

The man, 56, was later airlifted to Westmead Hospital where is said to be in a stable condition

The man, 56, was later airlifted to Westmead Hospital where is said to be in a stable condition

Paramedics were able to preserve the man’s leg by purchasing ice from a petrol station on route to the hospital.

‘We made the decision to transport the patient by road as it was easier to continue treatment to the patient,’ CareFlight’s Chris Cheeseman said at the time.

‘It also allowed us the opportunity to pick up the ice.’



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