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Panther the cat rescued after getting stuck for days on 36ft telegraph pole | US News


A cat has been rescued from a 36ft telegraph pole after getting stuck for at least two days.

Alexis Soberanis and Kimberly Medina, who live in Aurora, Denver, noticed their black cat named Panther had disappeared from home at the start of this week.

A few days later, their neighbours spotted Panther perching on a 36ft (11m) utility pole nearby.

Panther looked on as the firefighters approached with a pet carrier

After two days of trying to entice the cat down with food and pleading, people started to get concerned as snow started to fall on Friday morning.

Aurora resident Jessica Meadows said she and other neighbours called animal control for help but were told they “couldn’t do anything”.

She said: “Everybody’s been just like, ‘put food down and it’ll come down eventually’.

“That’s not going to happen.”

Aurora council member Curtis Gardner heard about the cat’s plight and sent a ladder truck to the scene on Friday afternoon.

Firefighters from Aurora Fire Rescure managed to rescue Panther after climbing up the pole and putting the cat into a pet carrier.

Firefighters were seen rescuing Panther from the 36-foot-high pole
Firefighters were seen rescuing Panther from the 36-foot-high pole

After being reunited with her pet, Ms Medina said he was no longer allowed outside.


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