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Possible new victim identified in decades-old case of San Francisco ‘Doodler’ serial killer | US News


Police in San Francisco say they may have identified a sixth victim linked to a 1970s serial killer known as the “Doodler”.

The force has doubled the reward money for finding the man, who targeted the city’s gay community.

The “Doodler” is suspected of killing at least five gay white men between January 1974 and June 1975.

He is believed to have targeted men at gay clubs and restaurants and had sex with them before launching his attacks.

Four bodies were located around Ocean Beach, while a fifth was found at Golden Gate Park.

Sixth victim tied to killer

On Thursday, police said a potential sixth victim had been tied to the killer.

It comes after local newspaper the San Francisco Chronicle released a series of articles last year which followed cold case detectives as they investigated the death of Warren Andrews.

The San Francisco Police Department has now confirmed it believes Andrews’ death is connected to the serial killer.

“On April 27, 1975, Andrews was a victim of an assault at Land’s End,” the department said in a statement. “Andrews was found unconscious and never regained consciousness dying several weeks later.”

Lands End is a popular hiking spot located around 1.5 miles from Ocean Beach, where four of the other victims’ bodies were found.

While other victims had been stabbed to death, Andrews was beaten to death with a rock and a tree branch.

Reward doubled

“The SFPD has increased the reward from $100,000 to $200,000 for information leading to the identification, apprehension, and conviction of the serial homicide suspect,” the police statement added.

In 2018, San Francisco police released a sketch of how the killer could have aged after 40 years.

It was based on the original descriptions given by two men who survived assaults in July 1975. Both were stabbed with knives.

Authorities gave the suspect the moniker of the “Doodler” after a survivor told police he drew caricatures while the two spoke in an all-night diner. The victim said the attacker told him he was a cartoonist.


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