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Travis King: US soldier who entered North Korea ‘seeking refuge as he had ill feeling against army’, Pyongyang claims | World News


Detained US soldier Travis King has “expressed willingness” to seek refuge in North Korea after crossing the border last month, Pyongyang has claimed.

In its first comments on the story, North Korean state media said King decided to enter the country’s territory after “harbouring ill feeling against the US army”.

King, 23, went into the North while on a civilian tour of the Joint Security Area (JSA) – the heavily fortified border between the two Koreas.

US officials have said they believe he crossed the border intentionally.

Last month, King’s sister said he was “not the type to get into trouble“.

His sister, Jaqueda Gates, told NBC News: “This is crazy, I was just talking to him, literally 48 hours ago (before the DMZ incident), it was crazy.

“My brother, he’s not the type to get into trouble like that. It all just sounds made up.”


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